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[SND]1_AVOC Outdoor Education_Spencer Legebokoff.mp328-Apr-2018 17:49 66M 
[SND]2_AVOC Making the last part of life the best part_Antoine.mp326-Apr-2018 04:54 56M 
[SND]3_AVOC Growing Food Tanya Coad.mp327-Apr-2018 05:30 20M 
[SND]4_AVOC Health and Wellness Keith Wiley.mp326-Apr-2018 06:11 53M 
[SND]5_AVOC Life is a sock_Nicole Purvis.mp328-Apr-2018 17:43 69M 
[SND]6_AVOC MIR Centre_Spencer.mp327-Apr-2018 04:20 53M 
[SND]7_AVOC Harm Reduction & Shambhala Tanya Coad.mp327-Apr-2018 06:00 20M 
[SND]8_AVOC Youth and Sports_Nicole Purvis.mp327-Apr-2018 07:13 55M 
[SND]9_AVOC Profiling Local Co-ops Tanya.mp327-Apr-2018 07:12 20M 
[SND]10_AVOC Bringing local history to life_Spencer Legebokoff.mp328-Apr-2018 18:17 45M 
[SND]11_AVOC Hubs and Circles_Antoine Bonaparte.mp328-Apr-2018 05:43 71M 
[SND]12_AVOC Kalein Hospice Keith Wiley.mp327-Apr-2018 04:10 27M 
[SND]13_AVOC It changed everything for me Tanya.mp327-Apr-2018 06:32 20M 
[SND]14_AVOC For the bees_Spencer.mp328-Apr-2018 05:11 66M 
[SND]15_AVOC Profiling more local Coops Tanya.mp327-Apr-2018 04:56 20M 
[SND]16_AVOC Izu-Shi Friendship_Nicole Purvis.mp328-Apr-2018 17:48 66M 
[SND]17_AVOC Summer Fun Keith Wiley.mp326-Apr-2018 05:34 54M 
[SND]18_AVOC Literacy Nicole Purvis.mp327-Apr-2018 07:13 53M 
[SND]19_AVOC Feeding Our Communities Tanya Coad.mp328-Apr-2018 04:37 20M 
[SND]20_AVOC Festival of Programs Keith Wiley.mp326-Apr-2018 03:42 54M